The Piano Connect Virtual Retreat for Creative Piano Players is packed full of ideas that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired. This package includes engaging sessions (with handouts and free music) from some of the world’s most beloved presenters!

These valuable recorded live sessions include:

  • Leila VissThe Beauty of Boundaries – Breaking Down Barriers to Creativity

  • Paula Dreyer Creativity with Rote Pieces
  • Dennis Alexander and Paula Dreyer Masterclass on Rote Pieces and the Composers’ Works
  • Samantha Coates Interactive Session on Motivating Reluctant Students: Composing, Sight-Reading, and Awesome Warm-Ups

  • Jeremy Siskind 5 Things Every Piano Teacher Needs to Know About Jazz (But is Afraid to Ask)

  • Paula DreyerPiano Flow- Create and Elevate with Free Improv and Goal Setting

  • Jeremy Siskind From Scales to Melodies-  Improvise or Compose Meaningful Melodies from Any Chord Progression
  • Tim Topham Four Chord Pop Composing- It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…4 chords!

And!  Need any help organizing your time and managing all of this incredible information?

  •  From Info to Action facilitated by Sarah Whitney

    Have you ever felt like you left an educational experience with lots of ideas, but no plan of how to make any lasting changes? You will not want to miss this highly valuable session so that you leave the retreat with a plan of action!

    Productivity coach for musicians Sarah Whitney will help you design action steps and a plan to implement the creative strategies you learned during Piano Connect.

    Learn How To:
    – ditch imposter syndrome
    – get rid of overwhelm so you can stay focused on creating
    – stay motivated even when things get challenging

Bonus!  Also includes three concerts (jazz, contemporary classical, and vocal), a beautiful dedication to Forrest Kinney, a “Meet the Composer” session with Dennis Alexander, a cooking demonstration, and a recipe series created specifically for Piano Connect participants.

  • Concert – Paula Dreyer performs Central Star and more
  • Concert – Jeremy Siskind performs Perpetual Etudes and more
  • Concert – Kevin Helppie– in memory of his dear friend Forrest Kinney

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Participants of Piano Connect have been raving about their experience:

What did you enjoy the most?

The way all the presentations complimented and expanded on each other. Absolutely top notch presentations! I was so impressed at how much each presenter packed into just one hour.

The presenters/performers, schedule, variety of types of info/activities, how much fun and inspirational it all was, being able to try out many of the ideas right away while muted, breakout rooms/community building, and not spending time and money on airfare, cab rides, hotel rooms, and restaurant meals!

That there are infinite ways to teach music creatively and holistically, and for each idea/technique/activity that was presented, I could see ways to scale it down or up, depending on the student.

Finding my “musical voice” and realizing that I’m capable of so much more.

What would you say to someone considering Piano Connect?

Recommend it for sure!

It’s incredibly fun and inspirational. Do it!

Do it! You will not regret it.

It was a lot of fun and very worth the registration fee – you should definitely try it out!

Great ideas, worth an investment in yourself.

This event will give you TONS of ideas to improve your teaching and your own creative experience at the piano.

Do it! Absolutely worth every moment!

If you want to get inspired and have tools to easily apply at your lessons and play music creatively, you can’t miss it!

Do it, it brings so much freshness to your teaching and attitude.

It is well worth it! I would register again.

You will be inspired, feel welcome and feel that the instructors are accessible.

It’s definitely worth your time!

Looking forward to helping you grow creatively through Piano Connect.