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Little Gems for Piano

Rote and Pattern Pieces that Motivate and Captivate: Spark the Love of Music with Simply Impressive and Expansive Repertoire for All Levels and Ages!
Students love exploring the magically expansive sounds of the piano. This collection goes from the earliest stage up to advanced levels. The beginning books are full of fresh and engaging rote pieces. The final level includes Paula Dreyer’s entire hauntingly beautiful Central Star album, influenced by Spanish, film, improvised and classical music.

Bradley Sowash

Improvisation resources, teaching tools, and award-winning jazz-inspired arrangements for all levels of pianists, string players, choirs, orchestras and jazz ensembles.

Jeremy Siskind

“Jeremy Siskind is a jazz pianist, pedagogue, and composer. His suite, Perpetual Motion Etudes, is a set of artist-level pieces that can be performed with or without improvisation. Playing Solo Jazz Piano is an instructional book aimed at intermediate to advanced pianists with some previous jazz experience.

Samantha Coates Hundreds of free downloads focusing on music theory and sight reading, as well as a huge variety of articles on practice, motivation and pedagogical issues. This revolutionary series connects rote with reading. Students learn how to sightread and also how to compose and create. The site consists of studio licensed repertoire, available in individual packs, bundles, or as part of a membership.

Forrest Kinney Publications

Explore the Four Arts of Music (improvising, arranging, interpreting, and composing) through the lifework of creative pianist, author, and educator Forrest Kinney. Forrest’s many publications include the well-known Pattern Play, Chord Play, Create First!, and Puzzle Play series. He developed his innovative approach to foster freedom and inspire creativity in every piano teacher and student. 

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E-Z Notes

Created in 1989, E-Z Notes‘ 30+ hands-on teaching tools have helped pedagogues and students all over the world.  Signature items include E-Z Notes magnetic staff board with Fit-A-Rhythm, E-Z Key/Scale blocks, E-Z Rhythm blocks and more!  Click on the youtube link for short videos of our most popular items.

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