Is this only for piano teachers?

Piano Connect is a highly valuable experience for piano teachers, professionals, and amateur pianists looking to grow their creative skills at the piano for themselves and for their students (if they have them!). This weekend of self-care will leave you feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to unlock your freedom at the piano.

I cannot attend the entire event.  Will there be a recording?

Yes!  A recording of the entire event will be emailed to registered participants and will be available for one month.

What sort of technical set up do I need in order to attend Piano Connect?

All you need is Zoom!  You will want to be near your piano in order to try the ideas the presenters are suggesting. The presentations will be interactive, instructional, and engaging.

I do not live in the United States.  Is it still worthwhile for me?

Absolutely!  We have presenters joining us from as far away as Australia.  If some events don’t work with your time zone, you can always watch the replay and join us for whatever is reasonable for you and your schedule.

How do I apply to be listed in the Exhibit Hall, provide Sponsorship, or have a student participate in the Masterclass?

Simply click on each of those buttons on the main page and you will be able to apply.

How much does it cost?

Piano Connect is a value packed three day event starting at just $150. For just $50 a day, you will have access to eight impactful and interactive presentations, connecting with like minded pianists around the globe, three concerts, and much more.

This event only happens once a year, and this could be the only time it ever happens! Don’t delay, because the price will go up to $200 on January 8th, and the final price starting January 11th will be $225.

Unlike most conferences, these highly skilled presenters and performers are getting paid! In order to compensate them for their lifelong dedication to their craft, we charge a modest admission to attend Piano Connect.

Why should I attend Piano Connect?  I’m kind of Zoomed out…

Piano Connect is the opposite of sitting home alone, watching another lecture. Snore…  Piano Connect offers a supportive, communal (and fun!) environment that will stimulate and inspire you professionally, personally, and emotionally.  

We will all gather together at the same time, the presentations are interactive, engaging, and very “hands-on” (no pun intended), and there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with individuals.  

If you enjoy cooking, please take advantage of the recipe schedule and enjoy your meals with other pianists from around the globe!  Finally, the break out rooms will give you an opportunity to connect with other pianists and presenters and you will create new bonds and strengthen existing ones! 

You will leave the Piano Connect Virtual Retreat feeling rejuvenated and inspired to spark creativity for yourself and your students, while learning from some of the most innovative leaders in the field of Creative Piano Pedagogy.